Monetize Your Blog Like Never Before

Blogmail is a blogging SMTP service that is not only FREE, but we’ll also PAY YOU to use it! It’s the passive income breakthrough you’ve been dreaming about.

Free SMTP Email Service. Monthly Royalties. Easy to Setup and Use.

What’s Not to Like?

Free SMTP Service

Use our reliable and free SMTP service to send email and newsletters from any email address.

Why It’s Free…

We include one small, tasteful, carefully curated ad in the email footer. That’s it.

You Get Paid

You get paid whenever anyone clicks on the ad. Simple as that. No muss, no fuss.

It’s a No-Brainer

ree SMTP service that pays you. This is an idea whose time has come. Especially for bloggers!

Kick Your Expensive SMTP Service to the Curb!

Blogmail is here to make your blogging life easier and more profitable. Never again will you have to pay for an SMTP service. Ours is free, and it pays you.

We know what you are thinking too: is it any good? The answer is YES! Our email service is reliable, rock solid, secure, and it delivers effortlessly worldwide… both figuratively and literally.

The Best Features, With an Elegant, Easy-to-Use Interface

Many SMTP services are complicated. Ours isn’t. It’s easy to setup, easy to use, and it works exactly like you want it to (it’s also compatible with whatever blogging platform and/or plugin you are currently using). And the reporting and tracking features are second to none.

We built this for bloggers and newsletter senders, not for corporate stiffs. It does everything you want, and it pays you as well. Passive income rules!!

Let’s Show You an Ad…

We get it – the whole “we’ll add an ad” might scare some of you away. So let’s be right up front with this – check out how clean and tasteful the ad looks. See how it’s 100% out of the way and doesn’t interfere at all with your message?

Our metrics prove people like ads that are relevant and useful. The ads get clicked. And guess what happens then? YOU GET PAID!


Never pay for anything!


Blogmail integrates with everything!


Get paid on ad clicks!


Fast email delivery!

About Us

The founders of Blogmail have been in the email industry for more than two decades. We’ve specialized in helping (non-spam) bulk senders arrive cleanly and reliably in inboxes worldwide, and we are experts at ad revenue and monetizing content.

We developed Blogmail to solve a simple problem – give bloggers access to a robust SMTP service that will also pay them. And we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Give us a try – we promise you’ll love us.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Q. Is Your Service Really Free?

Yes. We charge you nothing to sign up, nothing to use our SMTP service, and nothing to use the reporting tools. In other words, you never pay us a dime for anything.

Q. So How Do You Make Money?

Ads. It’s as simple as that. Online advertising is a multi-BILLION DOLLAR industry. And we do it right. And here’s the great part – we’ll share the revenue with you!

Q. But Don’t People Hate Ads?

Honestly, no. In the early days of the internet people certainly did, but today, people not only expect ads, but are ok with them (they understand the internet isn’t free). And if the ads are relevant, all the better. And ours are.

Q. How Much Do You Pay? And When / How?

We pay per ad click. You get paid on the 15th of the month, and we pay either by Paypal, Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Q. Will Blogmail Work With My Plugin / Blog Platform?

Almost certainly. We built Blogmail with bloggers in mind, so we made certain it is compatible with all common blogging/mail software, plugins, and platforms.

Q. Are There Limits to Sending?

Yes. To keep everything “white hat” and spam-free, users are initially limited to 100 emails per day. Your sending volume is doubled every day if you: 1) Email at least 80% of your daily volume. 2) Maintain a minimum of a 15% open rate. 3) Maintain a maximum of a 0.1% complaint rate. 4) Maintain a maximum of a 2% bounce rate. This is necessary to weed out unscrupulous spammers, and provide you with an SMTP service that is respected and reliable.